The Third Option International is a non-profit organization offering an award winning on-going skills based program to help couples build better marriages.

The Third Option hopes to inspire and encourage people to build healthier relationships in their marriages, family, work place and community by accepting responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors.


Building Healthy Marriages Since 1988


April 18, 2016

I love that the DVD’s are offered now just by download.  What a great addition!  When I see a couple that could benefit who does not live in an area with a TTO team, I now have a way to help them.  I love that!!

TTO Team Member in Indiana



Third Option International, an award winning Marriage Program that has been helping couples since 1988, is pleased to announce the release of a NEW DVD SERIES that couples can now view in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The Third Option is a skills- based program that helps people build strong and healthy marriages. It is designed to create awareness and a desire for self change in both spouses. The 14-Session Cycle covers a comprehensive set of tools that couples can use to develop better understanding, sensitivity and trust while learning more effective speaking and listening skills.



The Third Option International is proud to offer the same DVD series that’s helped so many individuals in a streaming option. No need to wait – watch this amazing series on your computer, tablet, or mobile device right away!

Your purchase will never expire, and will work immediately. What are you waiting for? Help is one click away!



Support groups can help you and your spouse not just survive – but thrive!

What do YOU need to start a THIRD OPTION program in your community?

  1. A Manual
  2. A coordinator: staff person or volunteer with human services/teaching/facilitating expertise for about 5-6 hours per week for the first year about 2-3 hours a week thereafter. Their duties would include: overall leadership, identifying and training “sharing” couples, moderating and presenting workshops OR training others to do so.
  3. Professional counselor, psychologist, or social worker as a resource for occasional screening of “sharing” couples and consultation as needed.
  4. You will need to RECRUIT 2-3 “sharing” couples (After the program is operational additional “sharing” couples will COME FROM THE GROUP!)

$350.00 (Includes Manual+DVD) ordernow