Sharing From Mentor Couples

One evening my husband told me he ran into a friend who wanted to get a new marriage program started in our area. She was hoping we would volunteer along with 2 other couples. I was not thrilled at first about getting involved because I worked full time, had a new baby plus 2 other children. We were still adjusting to getting back together after being separated for a while, but that inner voice reminded me I had made a promise that if God healed our marriage I would do whatever I could to help other couples in troubled marriages. The Third Option got off to a slow start, but has grown by leaps and bounds. Our group presently meets twice a month with an average of 40 people attending. We get so much joy in seeing a couple walk through the doors who initially could hardly even speak to each other and then a few months down the road are transformed. We feel privileged to have answered the call, not only do we get the joy of seeing renewed marriages, but we continually learn new skills to apply to our own marriage after 20 years together. The Third Option Orientation Booklet says that even good marriages need a little tune up once in a while. This is so true! Our marriage just continues to get better and better from all our “tune ups” as a Mentor Couple. We’re shooting not just for a good marriage, but a great marriage! I’d say we are pretty well on the way to obtaining it, thanks to God and the skills we’ve learned at the Third Option.

-Blair & Karen