Why Reconcile?

Why Reconcile?

Marriage is a tremendous investment in time, emotions,
memories, even your whole way of life. It is a lot to lose.


Your Sanity:

Suffering confusion, doubts, strong emotions? Perhaps
you feel out of control. Working things through will help.


To Relieve Pain:

Reconciliation is hard work, but no more work than any unhappy
marriage. Reconciliation is painful, but not as painful as divorce.
Divorce is expensive and never really ends.


You can’t run away from yourself:

If you divorce, your problems will follow you. Whether or not you
stay together, it is important to understand what is happening
and how to avoid it in the future.


For Your Health:

Discord often brings stress-related symptoms. Reconciliation is
healthier for both of you.


For Your Children:

Children are a good reason for working on your relationship.
“If children had a vote, there would be no divorce.” (NMC White
Papers) Besides, reconciliation teaches them how to live. Family is
worth fighting for.


To Avoid Repeating the Past:

You can’t run away from yourself.  If you divorce, your problems will follow you. It
is important to understand what caused the problems and how to avoid them. Many
second marriages fail because couples haven’t developed the skills needed to make
their marriages work.


For Your Faith:

Reconciliation is a central theme of all faiths. It enables you to keep your wedding promises.