The Program

Start The Third Option in your community!


What do YOU need to start a THIRD OPTION program in your community?

  1. A Manual
  2. A coordinator: staff person or volunteer with human services/teaching/facilitating expertise for about 5-6 hours per week for the first year about 2-3 hours a week thereafter. Their duties would include: overall leadership, identifying and training “sharing” couples, moderating and presenting workshops OR training others to do so.
  3. Professional counselor, psychologist, or social worker as a resource for occasional screening of “sharing” couples and consultation as needed.
  4. You will need to RECRUIT 2-3 “sharing” couples (After the program is operational additional “sharing” couples will COME FROM THE GROUP!)


What does the Manual contain?

The manual is your COMPLETE KIT. Everything you need is in there. The manual contains all the scripts and handouts as well as instructions for creating the program and training mentor couples. It is self-explanatory and self-contained. There are no expensive training requirements, no hidden or on-going purchasing costs, franchising dues, etc.

While the program is sometimes led by counselors, it is not necessary. It is designed to be led by peers. To make it easier for peers to run the groups, THERE IS ALSO A DVD-BASED VERSION AVAILABLE. However, the DVDs are not necessary to run the program.

Part l has philosophy, agency assessment, information on locating/ screening/ training “sharing couples”, tips for facilitators, etc.

Part II contains complete scripts of the fourteen mini-workshops.

Part III includes three appendices of support materials: worksheets, brochure and orientation booklet masters. DVDs are available for the workshops as a SUPPLEMENTAL resource for training and/or group use for those who wish. (additional cost)


What about the Spiritual Dimension?

We consider the spiritual dimension very important. There is a definite, although subtle, faith aspect to the program. A requirement for the sharing couples is that they believe in GOD and believe that He had a part in their reconciliation process. We open and close meetings with a prayer. While based on the Judeo – Christian values, we do not preach or teach a specific theological dogma during the workshops. We prefer to let the sharing couple share their faith along with their stories. This non-denominational approach helps us minister to “mixed” marriages and the “unchurched” and sometime results in a person returning to their faith roots. When used in a secular setting, of course, this dimension is deleted.


How to Order:
Everything you need to start the program is in the 330-page manual. DVDs of workshops are available, for an additional cost, but not essential.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only available to non-profits (or government agencies) willing to offer it free. If you are an individual interested in starting a group, we encourage you to contact a church or other non-profit agency in your community and offer to help them. If you are a counselor, why not offer to help your church or neighborhood center pro bona? You will gain many referrals while you are helping those in need.


What kind of venues is the Third Option appropriate for?

            •  “Churches”
            • Healthy Marriage Coalitions
            • Family Life Offices
            • Community Marriage Policy “sites”
            • Retrouvaille communities
            • Military bases
            • Head Start programs
            • Refugee Programs
            • Social welfare offices
            • Native American settings
            • Agricultural extension offices
            • Community mental health centers


For information please contact: Andrea Buckley 1-855-624-9476