What Participants say about the program?

“I can’t say enough about how much The Third Option has helped me. As we’ve said so many times during our group meetings, The Third Option gives us the tools to make our marriages and our own lives better.”

“I have learned so much …It really helps to share with other people who are struggling in their marriages but want to work on things or who have resolved their differences. The hope and strength from the group sharing is powerful.”

“The meetings are a top priority for me.”

“I have so much hope that our 27 year marriage has a chance at happiness. We have felt the disappointment and now see the hopes coming true.”

“It helped to hear a couple who knows exactly where I am.”

“I don’t believe we would be in counseling now if we had not gone to The Third Option meetings.”

“The Third Option was the thread that held us together while we worked things out.

“We are really impressed with all of the programming you are providing and think the mission is really relevant, needed and awesome. We are blessed to have the Third Option in our area. We’re hoping to make it to more upcoming programs!”

 “Thanks for all the good you do to help couples who are struggling in their marriages. We know a couple that was in the Third Option program and told us how it saved their marriage. They started to go to this program and are back together again. We think your program is so worthwhile!”

 “As a society we have lost our focus on marriage and family and we need to re-focus our attention on building up the strength of marriage and family.”