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Third Option International, an award winning Marriage Program that has been helping couples since 1988, is pleased to announce the release of a NEW DVD SERIES that couples can now view in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The Third Option is a skills- based program that helps people build strong and healthy marriages. It is designed to create awareness and a desire for self change in both spouses. The 14-Session Cycle covers a comprehensive set of tools that couples can use to develop better understanding, sensitivity and trust while learning more effective speaking and listening skills.

Newly appointed Director, Andrea Buckley, believes that this NEW DVD SERIES will be able to help more couples heal and grow in their marriages and ultimately will keep more families together.  Andrea strongly recommends finding a local Third Option Group in your area is the best way to FULLY experience the program due to the powerful influence of peer Mentor Couples who help deliver the program through sharing of their experiences and growth!


14 Session Topics:

  • Building a Climate of Respect
  • Ending the Blame Game
  • Understanding Expectations
  • Redefining the Power Struggle
  • Coping With Control Issues
  • Listening Beyond the Words
  • Appreciating Personality Differences
  • Recognizing Childhood Issues and Emotional Baggage
  • Handling Anger Constructively
  • Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Learning How to Fight Fair
  • Breaking the Hurt Cycle
  • Practicing Forgiveness and Repair
  • Rebuilding Trust


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