Youth Edition




Third Option International, an award winning marriage program organization that has been helping couples since 1988, is pleased to announce a new YOUTH EDITION. Many couples who attend the program have commented frequently, “Not only has Third Option helped my marriage but also my relationships with my children. “ I wish I knew about these skills much earlier in my life.”

The Third Option YOUTH EDITION is a skills based program designed to help young individuals recognize the difference between a troubled relationship and a healthy one. The goal is to inspire them to take responsibility for their behavior. The 14-Session series covers a comprehensive set of tools that young individuals can use to develop better understanding, sensitivity, and trust while learning more effective speaking and listening skills. Some of the topics covered are Building a Climate of Respect, How to Deal with Anger Effectively, Conflict Resolution, Practicing Forgiveness and Rebuilding Trust.

In today’s challenging world Third Option International believes this new YOUTH EDITION will prepare young people to grow and thrive in their relationships with others.